young NBA players

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young NBA players by Mind Map: young NBA players

1. karl anthony towns

1.1. won rookie of the year

1.2. will he keep playing like these or slow down?

2. devin booker

2.1. led the summer league in points

2.2. will he carry that over to the nba?

2.3. will he finally start for the suns?

3. ben simmons

3.1. first overall pick in the draft

3.2. will he live up to the hype of being the first pick?

3.3. will he make the 76er's good again?

4. brandon ingram

4.1. second overall pick

4.2. will he really be the next kevin durant?

5. kristaps porzingis

5.1. will he keep being productive for the knicks?

5.2. will he live up to dirk nowitzki?

6. college

6.1. should they make players stay at college longer than just one year?

6.2. players are making millions before their even 20, they should be older before taking that responsibility

7. anthony davis

7.1. will he ever win mvp over the other greats?

7.2. will he become better than Tim Duncan's career?

8. andrew wiggins

8.1. will he keep being the best player for the timberwolves and lead them to the playoffs?