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Stem Cell by Mind Map: Stem Cell

1. how  does it happen

1.1. Is it possible

1.2. What do you need to make it?

1.2.1. Like do we have need to make it happen?

1.3. What is the science behind it

1.3.1. is it like a printer

1.3.2. Or even like a plant Would it tecinally be the fastest then? If its like that then how long does it take?

2. will it ever happen?

2.1. Or early like while im still in my 20`s

2.2. Like in my life time?

3. Help cure dieases

3.1. Aka bone marrow can be added in.

4. Can help remake limbs or organs

4.1. If you lose like an arm or need a new heart

5. What I know

6. What i don't know

7. Can save lives

7.1. Say if you cant get a donor you could take some cells and recreate it

8. Wouldn't need the black market

8.1. Cause you would basically be able to print off body parts

9. Is it ethical?

9.1. Would it kill the person?

9.1.1. Like do they have to use others to preform it

9.1.2. Or could there be a side affect

9.2. Ive heard it hurts babies is that true?

9.2.1. Do they use live ones?

9.3. Is it against god like everyone thinks it would be?

9.3.1. If it is like playing nature will they ban it Even if religion and state are seperated

9.3.2. Are we becoming god?

9.4. Could it save babies who are dieing in the womb?

10. What are the side affects?

10.1. Can we die because of it?

10.1.1. Is it possible to affect our health badly?

10.1.2. We will get depression from it or sleep issues or any other medical issues from us using it.

11. Is it possible to where every country can have the technology?

11.1. Or will they have to come to us for the treatment?

11.2. if so how long?