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Adoption by Mind Map: Adoption

1. What happen when the child doesn't get adopted

1.1. Are they mistreated

1.2. Do they just wait till they are 18 and leave

1.3. Whats the likely hood they will adopted

2. The percent of unadopitied

2.1. Is it higher then should be?

2.2. How much does it differ by state?

3. That it helps people who cant have children

3.1. Like if they are born steral

3.2. Or if some kinda of cancer, and or tragic incident happened

4. What i know

5. That it can take a toll on a child who was given up

5.1. Make them feel upset, depressed, unloved.

5.2. Can also make them wanna search for the parent

5.3. Maybe bullied even

5.4. would blame themselfs

6. what i don't know

7. The amount that gets adopted?

7.1. How many usually get adopted

8. The Total of adoption homes

8.1. Per each state

8.2. Along with the total of adoption homes over crowded.

9. How they are treated?

9.1. How well are the homes kept up?

10. What do they do if a home over fills?

11. How  many are bullied?

11.1. Percent