Research Paper Topics

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Research Paper Topics by Mind Map: Research Paper Topics

1. How sea turtles move and their bone structures

1.1. The use of their fins help then glide through the water.

1.1.1. Can their fins that can help them do animal thing else?

1.2. Turtles have a shell so that they can protect them.

1.2.1. Is there any other way for the shell to be useful for them?

1.3. Why are there shell plates on the head of the turtle?

1.4. Why can turtles turn in a second?

1.5. What type of body structure does a sea turtle have?

1.5.1. Why is this structure perfect for living in water?

1.6. Are they related to any creatures form the past?

1.7. Can they be related to any creatures in today's world?

1.8. Do they use their fins for breeding?

1.9. Can sea turtles hid in their shells like a land turtle can?

1.10. How has their shell change over time?

1.11. What makes their head that shape? Is it because of protection or for some other reason?

1.12. Do different species of sea turtle have a a different head shape?

1.13. Do different species have a different bone structure due to adapting?

2. How  rays move and their bone structure

2.1. The use of the rays wings make the creature propel themselves through the water.

2.1.1. Can they use their wings for more then just swimming?

2.2. Have a tail with a barb or many barbs at where the tail connects to the main body.

2.2.1. Does every species of ray have a barb?

2.2.2. Do they use their barb for just protection?

2.3. What type of bone structure do they have?

2.3.1. Can they be related to a creature from before?

2.4. Are they related to any of today's creatures?

2.5. Do rays use there eyes to see or do the use something else?

2.6. What makes their body structure perfect for water?

2.7. How are rays able to turn in a pinch to avoid larger creatures?

2.8. How long can a barb get?

2.9. Do they use their fins for breeding purposes?

2.10. Have they change from the past? If so, how  has it changed and has it helped them or has done nothing to them.

2.11. What enables them to have a flat body?

2.12. How do you classify the difference between the male and female?

3. Adaptations of rays

3.1. Camouflage

3.1.1. Which species of rays use camouflage?

3.1.2. What are some types of camouflage?

3.1.3. What does the camouflage do for them?

3.1.4. Could the camouflage get them hurt by humans?

3.2. How many other ways have rays adapted to their environment?

3.2.1. What type of predators have the adapted against?

3.3. What problems do these adaptations have?

3.4. Did the evolve form something larger or smaller then they are today? Or did they stay the same?

3.5. How do adaptations affect the everyday life?

3.6. are rays and any other creature similar, from this time period.

3.7. What caused them to adapt to their environment.

3.8. How long do rays live?

3.9. How do rays detect prey?

3.10. Do rays give live birth or lays eggs?

3.10.1. Do they care for their young after birth?

4. Species of rays

4.1. Manta

4.1.1. Where does it live in the world?

4.1.2. What does it eat?

4.1.3. How large can they grow too?

4.1.4. Where in the world are there hot spots for breeding?

4.2. Spotted

4.2.1. Lives in akumal, but does it live somewhere else in the world?

4.2.2. What is its diet?

4.2.3. How large can they grow to be?

4.2.4. Where are the hot spots for breeding?

4.3. Southern

4.3.1. Lives in akumal, but where else does it live?

4.3.2. What is its diet?

4.3.3. How large can they grow to be?

4.3.4. Where are the hot spots for breeding?

4.4. How many species of rays are there?

4.5. Do all species of rays have the same diet?

4.5.1. Are they herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

4.6. Do all types of  rays have barbs?

4.6.1. Are there different type of barbs?

4.7. Are there species that are more aggressive than others.

4.7.1. What makes them aggressive?

4.8. What is the average size of the different species of  rays?

4.9. Does each ray have a distinct skin texture? Or are of them smooth?