Bass Fishing in Kentucky

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Bass Fishing in Kentucky by Mind Map: Bass Fishing in Kentucky

1. Types of bass

1.1. Largemouth

1.1.1. Best baits for largemouth? What baits are good for them?

1.2. Smallmouth

1.2.1. How big do smallmouth have to be in Kentucky? How many inches?

1.3. Spotted Bass

1.3.1. How to determine a spot from a largemouth? The pattern?

2. Common Baits

2.1. Jig

2.2. Crankbait

2.2.1. Reaction Bait Whats a reaction bait?

2.3. Spinnerbait

2.3.1. Mimmicks baitfish Whats a baitfish?

2.4. Frog

2.4.1. Good topwater bait How do you fish topwater?

2.5. Shaky Head

2.5.1. Good finnese fishing Whats finnese fishing?

2.6. Texas Rig

2.6.1. Texas rig worm? Craw? Lizard? Texas rig what bait?

3. Best Lakes in Kentucky

3.1. Kentucky Lake

3.1.1. Ledge Fishing? Or shallow? Whats ledge fishing? Why is Kentucky lake so popular/good for fishing

3.2. Lake Barkley

3.2.1. Ledge fishing? How do you ledge fish Why is Barkley so good?

3.3. Green River Lake

3.3.1. Spinnerbait Whats a spinnerbait do?

3.4. Lake Cumberland

3.4.1. Shaky Head? How do you fish it?

3.5. Nolin Lake

3.5.1. Buzzbait? Why a buzzbait good here

3.6. Barren River

3.6.1. Texas Rig? Texas Rigged what?

3.7. Taylorsville Lake

3.7.1. Jig? Why is a jig good here?

3.8. Lake LInville

3.8.1. Lizard? Why is a lizard so good here?

3.9. Cedar Creek Lake

3.9.1. Frog or Jig? Why are these good here?

3.10. Rough River

3.10.1. Crankbait? Why is a crankbait so good here?

4. State Record Bass

4.1. Smallmouth

4.1.1. 11lbs 15oz Is this the world record?

4.2. Largemouth

4.2.1. 13lbs 10.4oz How does this compare to the world record?

4.3. Spotted Bass

4.3.1. 7lbs 10oz Is this considered big?