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Earth Science by Mind Map: Earth Science

1. Hydrosphere

1.1. Streams and Floods

1.2. Groundwater and Wetlands

1.3. Oceans and Coastlines

2. Atmosphere

2.1. Processes in the Atmosphere

2.2. Weather Systems

2.3. Earth’s Climate System

3. Earth in Space

3.1. Origin of the Universe

3.2. Galaxies, Stars and Planets

3.3. Members of Our Solar System

3.4. The Earth’s Rotation and Revolution

4. Geosphere

4.1. Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes

4.2. Volcanoes and Magma

4.3. Rocks and Minerals

4.4. Weathering and Erosion

4.5. Landslide and Slope Failure