My Senior High and College plan

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My Senior High and College plan by Mind Map: My Senior High and College plan

1. Senior High School

1.1. Prefered Course

1.1.1. Be a Lawyer

1.1.2. Be a Doctor

1.1.3. Be an engineer

1.1.4. Be a pilot

1.2. Friends

1.2.1. Choose friends

1.2.2. Don't leave friends alone

1.2.3. Eat together, laugh together, die together.

1.3. Time regulation

1.3.1. 5am to 6am Take a bath Brush my teeth Eat like a viking Get ready for school

1.3.2. 6am to 7am Ride the MRT Ride the LRT Smell other people in the train Decision making: To go to MCDO or not

1.3.3. 7am to 8am Be at MCDO or Classroom Get ready before my first subject Sleep in the classroom Read the incoming lesson

1.3.4. 8am to 12pm Study hard as hell Listen to the teacher Don't be noisy

1.3.5. 12pm to 1pm Eat lunch with bros Run like hell to not be late

1.3.6. 1pm to 5pm Study hard (Mahal tuition) Sleep while teacher is lecturing Make noise

1.4. Enjoy La Salle

1.4.1. Join clubs Join acting club Join singing club

1.4.2. Join events Concerts Parties for senior high

2. College

2.1. Finding a college school

2.1.1. Choose UST

2.1.2. Choose Ateneo

2.1.3. Choose UP

2.2. Financing

2.2.1. Apply for scholarship Academic Scholarship Varsity Scholarship

2.2.2. Beg to my parents for more money

2.3. Extra curricular

2.3.1. Be an archer

2.3.2. Play for table tennis team

2.4. Skills for college

2.4.1. Reading and writing skills

2.4.2. Personality development

2.4.3. Leadership Excellence