Earth Science

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Earth Science by Mind Map: Earth Science

1. Atmosphere

1.1. In General

1.1.1. Has layers Troposphere Stratosphere Mesosphere Thermosphere Exosphere

1.1.2. Consists of Oxygen Nitrogen Other Gases

1.2. Electromagnetic Radiation

1.2.1. Scatter

1.2.2. Reflected

1.2.3. Absorbed

1.3. Weather is included

1.3.1. Water plays a role Latent Heat Absorbs Heat Releases Heat Humidity Dew Point Absolute Humidity Relative Humidity

1.3.2. Wind and Pressure plays a role Wind makes the clouds form Pressure makes the clouds move

1.3.3. Clouds plays a role Makes weather Cumulus Nimbus Stratus Alto Cirrus

1.3.4. Fronts play a role Cold Front Warm Front Occluded Front Stationary Front

2. Weathering and Soil

2.1. 3 kinds of weathering

2.1.1. Physical

2.1.2. Chemical

2.1.3. Biological

2.2. Weathering rates

2.2.1. Rock Composition

2.2.2. Climate

2.2.3. Rock Properties

2.3. Soils

2.3.1. Soil Erosion Due to slopes Due to excessive water Due to wind Due to its characteristics Due to vegetation

2.3.2. Soil Conversation Covering Soils Terracing Limiting plows

3. Rocks and Minerals

3.1. Ideas as to how rock formed

3.1.1. Neptunism

3.1.2. Plutonism

3.2. 3 types of Rocks

3.2.1. Igneous Rocks

3.2.2. Sedimentary Rocks

3.2.3. Metamorphic Rocks

3.3. Minerals

4. Earth and Space

4.1. Its Origin

4.1.1. Big Bang Theory

4.1.2. Dopplar Effect

4.1.3. Luminosity