Kentucky State Fair

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Kentucky State Fair by Mind Map: Kentucky State Fair

1. Money

1.1. How much do they make

1.2. what is the thing most of the money is spent on

1.3. where does all the money go

1.4. how much is spent getting the kentucky state fair ready

2. competetions

2.1. How many competeions

2.1.1. animal cows pigs goats rabbits chickens horse

2.1.2. food vegetable fruit dessert

2.1.3. craft picture quilts drawings fish tanks creations

2.1.4. Performace singing groups solos speeches

2.2. who is elected to be the judge

2.2.1. how can you become the judge

2.3. how are they judged

2.4. what are the rules

2.5. entry fees?

2.5.1. due date for fees

3. workers

3.1. who provides them

3.1.1. how much are they paid

3.1.2. volunteer?

3.2. do people come and ask to be apart of it