Helping refugees

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Helping refugees by Mind Map: Helping refugees

1. Bombings

1.1. Families that are fighting against can be killed

1.1.1. taking away people who are helping to stop the violence

1.2. peaceful people are affected

1.2.1. How many good people are killed by bombings?

1.3. Homes are destroyed

1.3.1. more need for refugee camps cities wiped out

1.4. Who helps the people who are a part of the bombing

1.4.1. need for more resources not many people to help overseas can we help by sending supplies?

1.4.2. What happens to soldiers in that country?

1.5. becoming the problem

1.5.1. bombing innocent people- becoming the bad guys

1.5.2. making us a bigger target

1.5.3. will this make them retaliate?

1.5.4. refugees may turn against whoever bombed don't know who to trust

2. Innocent people

2.1. no negative contribution

2.1.1. How are the people who are not contributing being affected?

2.2. People who don't like the conflict

2.2.1. not everyone has a way out

2.3. Poor

2.3.1. Does money decide if someone can get out

2.4. Government

2.4.1. How does the government play a part in deciding if someone can leave Monarchy, dictatorship

2.5. Put in dangerous situations

2.5.1. Weapons and fighting

2.6. people who have moved there for their families

2.6.1. moved to help, got there and couldn't

3. Not all are bad

3.1. Every day people

3.1.1. What precautions do they have to take?

3.1.2. innocent people ^

3.2. Are the bad people turning others bad?

3.2.1. Will it continue to spiral?

3.2.2. How will they have the willpower to stand up?

3.3. Will the government allow people different opinions?

3.3.1. giving proper resources allowing more freedoms

3.3.2. How many people are risking their lives to try to stand up against all of the bad? A lot of killing

4. children

4.1. Killing random adults

4.1.1. Kids are homeless

4.1.2. refugees- continuing to help their families

4.1.3. Who will take care of these kids?

4.2. homeless

4.2.1. Will this make them an easier target?

4.3. no money

4.3.1. hard to get out of hostage situations

4.4. bad decisions

4.4.1. Who will help them form thoughts? They won't know what is right from wrong

4.5. easily persuaded

4.5.1. Will terrorist groups take advantage of these kids?

4.5.2. groups fighting eachother Do gangs play a role in this?

5. Wars

5.1. wars in the country

5.1.1. terrorists getting rid of people who disagree

5.1.2. Other countries fighting back not fighting people, fighting the country

5.1.3. creating more problems more crime more violence more innocent people killed

6. Being forced to be a part of the problem

6.1. major terrorist groups

6.1.1. forcing people to become part of the group

6.2. hostages

6.2.1. prisoner of war If there is a bigger picture will this even be looked at?

6.2.2. ransom How will a poor country keep up

6.2.3. puts poor people at a disadvantage Can't afford ransom

6.2.4. What happens to someone on vacation that is held?