WorldWide of Sports

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WorldWide of Sports by Mind Map: WorldWide of Sports

1. Physical

1.1. Training

1.1.1. Becoming better and becoming the best

2. Different sports that are foreign or unheard of

2.1. Race Walking

2.1.1. Cheating How bad should people be punished for cheating?

2.2. Racquet Ball

2.3. Water Polo

3. Olympics

3.1. Winning Medals

3.1.1. Finance Taxes

3.2. Respect from country

3.2.1. What do you get for winning a medal? Do people respect you more and you become popular?

4. Community

4.1. People

4.1.1. Nice Manners What chemical in the body makes people happy and make people nice to others? What do people end up like if their parents don't treat them the right way?

4.1.2. Learn

4.1.3. Respect

4.2. Helping others

4.2.1. Becoming a better individual

4.3. Making others better

5. World Cup

5.1. Soccer

5.2. Nationality

5.2.1. Flag

5.3. Winning

5.3.1. Trophy