Louisiana Historic Flooding

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Louisiana Historic Flooding by Mind Map: Louisiana Historic Flooding

1. Water

1.1. How much did it rain?

1.2. Where did all of the rain come from?

1.3. How long did it rain?

1.4. What was the height of the flood waters?

1.5. Was it higher in some places than others?

2. Money

2.1. What is the cost of damaged done?

2.2. What happens to the economy?

2.3. Who pays for all of the damage done by the flood?

2.4. How does the residents pay for all of the water damage in their houses?

2.5. How are people supposed to buy essentials  for everyday life if they can't go anywhere?

3. Effects

3.1. How do the residents recover from this disaster?

3.2. Do the houses and buildings need a lot of repair?

3.3. What happens to the people who lost almost everything?

3.4. How are people supposed to get food?

4. Living Conditions

4.1. Where are the residents supposed to sleep?

4.2. Where our the residents' pets supposed to stay at?

4.3. What is the projected date people can start moving back into their homes?

4.4. What is the connection between hurricane Katrina and historic flooding?