Golf and Golf Courses

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Golf and Golf Courses by Mind Map: Golf and Golf Courses

1. PGA tour

1.1. Top professionals in the world

1.2. Start on Thursdays and end on Sundays

1.3. 18 holes in a round with 4 rounds

1.4. How do you get a tour card?

1.4.1. This lets them play on the PGA tour.

2. Golf Courses

2.1. What does it take to keep a golf course in top shape?

2.2. What kind of grass is a golf course made of?

2.3. How much work and planning goes into making a golf course?

2.4. How often do they have to cut the grass to keep it short in the fairways and greens?

3. Golf Clubs

3.1. What does it take to make a professional golf club?

3.2. What is the average cost to make a set of clubs and how much profit does the company make?

3.3. How fast can a golf company produce a set of irons?

4. Professional Players

4.1. Whats the average time they practice?

4.2. What is the selection processes for which clubs they want to use?

4.3. Average amount of money for winning a tournament?