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Religion by Mind Map: Religion

1. Beliefs

1.1. Why can there be atheist clubs in public schools but we cant have a Worship club?

1.1.1. Why is religion so controversial?

1.2. What makes you believe in a certain thing?

1.2.1. What makes people get fired up about religion?

2. Jugdement

2.1. What is Religion?

2.1.1. A belief in one or many gods that you worship?

2.2. What can we do to respect other religions?

2.2.1. Will Religious stereotypes ever stop?

3. Freedom

3.1. Why judge someone because of their religion when it is their freedom to believe in that religion?

3.1.1. Why are people offended by other relgions?

3.2. What is freedom?

3.2.1. Your choice to believe anything you want

4. Race

4.1. Why judge a religion because it has a mass of a single race?

4.1.1. Why is religion a cultural belief?

4.1.2. Could there be a multi race religion?

4.1.3. Would a multi race religion work due to beliefs in other things outside of Worship?