Teens coping with Stress

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Teens coping with Stress by Mind Map: Teens coping with Stress

1. what are the permanent affects on teens whose stress goes unaddressed?

1.1. mental

1.2. physical

1.3. emotional

2. should all schools have a school psychologist/ psychiatrist available to students?

2.1. counselors have too much to deal with at the school to actually get to help students through personal problems

2.1.1. school populations are too large for counselors to know everyone?

2.1.2. more counselors/ school psychologists or less students?

2.2. should schools try harder to teach students how to prioritize?

2.2.1. should there be courses available teaching effective time management?

3. how much stress is "too much" for a teenager?

3.1. what sends teens over the edge?

3.2. what is the most common thing teens turn to when the stress becomes overwhelming

4. what kind of treatments are available?

4.1. how accessible are they?

5. do school's early schedules lead to sleeping disorders in teens?

5.1. insomnia

6. what is the perfect balance of work/friends/school/family teens should have?

6.1. according to psychologists, what is the most important?

7. are teens who are bullies under too much stress?

7.1. do schools work hard enough to detect bullying?

7.2. "zero tolerance" policy, actually taken seriously or only enforced when parents become involved.