Self Diagnosis

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Self Diagnosis by Mind Map: Self Diagnosis

1. Internet Impacts

1.1. WebMD

1.2. Search Symptoms

1.3. Sore throat = cancer.... ope you're dying

2. Media Impacts

2.1. Public awareness

2.2. "watch for signs of"

2.3. Swine Flu

2.4. Whooping cough

2.5. Paranoia

3. False Diagnosis

3.1. "I have horrible anxiety"

3.2. "I'm just so depressed"

3.3. Do people actually seek out a legitimate diagnostic?

4. Dangers

4.1. Qualified to recognize the symptoms of serious mental or physical illnesses?

4.2. see a clinician

4.3. same symptoms, different problems

4.4. Missing the real problem

4.5. Paranoia