is golf a sport??

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is golf a sport?? by Mind Map: is golf a sport??

1. history

1.1. where it started

1.2. when did it start?

1.3. how did it become so well known?

2. it's in the olympics

2.1. played on a professional scale

2.2. Olympic event

3. hard to play

3.1. even the best athletes struggle to play golf

3.2. mentally challenging

3.3. physically challenging

4. professional/high school

4.1. have to walk

4.2. competitive

5. takes dedication

5.1. i play golf almost every day to lower my score

5.2. hard work

5.3. takes a lot of time

6. difficulty

6.1. may not be as physical but still challenging if not more

6.2. mental focus

7. if golf is a game then any other sport is too

7.1. objective is to get the ball in the hole but isn't that the same concept of basketball?