Feeling like an adult

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Feeling like an adult by Mind Map: Feeling like an adult

1. Paying for insuarance

1.1. insuarance could sky rocket

1.1.1. if you say have a child or even another person in your family that you have to pay for the monthly bill could go throygh the roof.

1.1.2. If you have a teenager no matter the gender insuarnce is enough even when paying for the right car.

1.2. depends on who you get company wise

1.2.1. when picking a company fpor insurance it all depends on who you like.

1.2.2. things could get intense for people in your family if you dont have the right company.

2. Starting a family

2.1. first ypou go to pick your wife

2.1.1. you enevr know when your going to find the right person but when you know you know.

2.1.2. make sure to know a positive go together not a positive and positive, which means to find the right pperson you kind of have to be opposites.

2.2. Make sure your oarents like her or him

2.2.1. If your parents dont like the man or woman you pick it wouldnt be worth it to hear for the rest of your life of  how they never liked them.

2.2.2. to know that they like them you would feel a comfort for the rest of your life.

3. Student loans

3.1. Student loans you could be paying your whole life

3.1.1. If you don't pay your loans then if something ever bad happens to you those loans get passed down down and down til paid.

3.1.2. Loans could almost get over 6 figures if your not careful.

3.2. Paying for books in college could get up to a grand a year.

3.2.1. Paying isn't seeming like it would work in college

3.2.2. Things could get out of hand say you dont even have a job.

4. Getting a house

4.1. The market is one of the worst in housing

4.1.1. Just paying rent for a decent price can kill your money just because you never know if you have a good or getting ripped off

4.1.2. If you ever have something that happens insurance can go through the roof.

4.2. Make sure the neighborhood is a safe place

4.2.1. If you dont have a safe place where you live one day you could come home and things could be missing.

4.2.2. You could lose people that you have close to you cause of the bad people that live in your neighborhood