buy or adopt a dog?

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buy or adopt a dog? by Mind Map: buy or adopt a dog?

1. i have a "mutt" that costed $1000 which was more expensive than both my purebreds

1.1. Tibetan Mastiff  is the most expensive mix breed costing 1 million yuan

1.1.1. this doesn't include the amount of money it will be for shots or checkups. Which would be included in your purchase from the shelter.

2. topic #2cheaper to adopt

2.1. $50-140 for a dog at the shelter

2.1.1. some may say shelters have "mutts" but shelters also have purebreds & won't tell you false information as a backyard breeder will just to get money.

2.1.2. most expensive dogs such as labradoodles go in shelters due to the fact people say their hypoallergenic and they aren't

3. keeps you catious from backyard breeders that may have parvo or not up to date on shots

3.1. parvo can not only effect your dog but other dogs and people bowls, shoes, clothes, carpet and floors. it can even be spread off a tire wheel

4. the puppy or dog will have true vaccination and shot records

5. some backyard breeders don't even know the breed of their dogs

6. 25% of shelter dogs are purebreds

7. topic #1 they will be healthier

8. Most pets end up homeless because of  moving and landlord issues.

8.1. if your home will not allow you to have a pet simply don't get one

9. it is said that mix breeds are healtheir

10. many mutts have a lower rate of hip dysplasia, certain knee diseases, most spinal diseases, many heart diseases, plenty of cancers and a whole lot of skin, blood, brain, liver and kidney diseases

11. most dogs in shelters are more friendly due to the fact their in shelters alone

11.1. not just kid friendly (dog friendly) their around dogs everyday

12. it's a good deed, would you rather be known as the person who left a puppy alone or saved that puppy