Working At McDonald's

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Working At McDonald's by Mind Map: Working At McDonald's

1. Cleaning

1.1. It is not cleaned correctly

1.1.1. Half-way done

1.2. Food is not sanitized very well

1.2.1. Dishes not clean

2. Customers

2.1. Complaining

2.1.1. We always give free food away when we mess up

2.2. Wanting more then they paid for

2.2.1. They yell at people

3. Co-Workers

3.1. Good

3.2. Annoying

3.3. Don't do their jobs

4. Managers

4.1. Good

4.1.1. Helps customers

4.2. Bad

4.2.1. Doing your job for you Why am I even trying to help

4.2.2. Ignores workers/customers

5. Making food

5.1. Not very hard

5.1.1. Memorize how to

5.2. Order of things

5.3. Wrapping sandwiches