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Tobacco by Mind Map: Tobacco

1. Smoking/chewing tobacco

1.1. what Carcinogens

1.1.1. what chemicals they are what the chemicals do to your body

1.2. types of cancer

1.2.1. what cancers you get from different forms of consumption chance of death from those cancers

1.3. physical heatlth

1.3.1. what are physical problems lung problems tar in lungs effects

1.3.2. jittering

1.4. Mental health

1.4.1. Mental dependence change in personality how you act with and without nicotine

1.5. nicotine

1.5.1. effect of dependence

1.5.2. addiction problems

1.5.3. chemical compound danger of the chemical nicotine getting help

1.6. Cost

1.6.1. What is the cost of smoking annually

2. cancer

2.1. types of cancer

2.1.1. death percentage

3. what are the effects of tobacco on farmers

4. how do tobacco companies advertise

5. how does tobacco cause poverty