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Colours by Mind Map: Colours


2. Hues

2.1. Red

2.1.1. Lower light waves

2.1.2. Feelings Danger Evil Why does the same colour convey different emotions? Love

2.2. Orange

2.2.1. Faster light waves then red

2.2.2. Feelings Warning Risque Expressive

2.3. Yellow

2.3.1. Faster light waves then orange

2.3.2. Feelings Happy Why does certain colours convey certain emotions? Sunlight

2.4. Green

2.4.1. Feelings Toxicidity Life Dull/lifeless

2.5. Blue

2.5.1. Feelings Calm Serin angelic

2.6. Purple

2.6.1. Feeling Strict Dark Royality Evil

3. Different parts of colour

3.1. Hue

3.1.1. The actual colour

3.2. Saturation

3.2.1. How vibrate the colour is More saturation = more dull Dull = lifeless/pessimism Less saturation = more vibrate Vibrate leads to optamism

3.3. Value

3.3.1. How light or dark a colour is Lower value the closer to black Higher value the loser to white