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Censorship by Mind Map: Censorship

1. Culture

1.1. America

1.1.1. Either removes or censors "inappropriate" items from other cultures Why does america censor other pieces of culture from foreign countries?

1.2. Japan

1.2.1. Age of Consent 13-17

1.2.2. Animation is for all ages

1.2.3. Clothing Traditional dresses Skanty clothing Too "inappropriate" for american eyes

2. Censoring art

2.1. Movies

2.1.1. Ratings Forced editting

2.1.2. Forceful production componies force film makers to stop making their art and make them create what they want Why do people feel it is rightful to stop the creation of art due to social constrants?

2.2. Poems/Books

2.2.1. Forcing message/tone Why does art need to be changed or censored to "keep the peace"

2.3. Pictures

2.3.1. Forced edditting

2.3.2. Complete deletion

2.4. Tv shows

2.4.1. Forced to follow standards of tv rules

2.4.2. Forced requirements for shows