Sexism towards women

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Sexism towards women by Mind Map: Sexism towards women

1. Media

1.1. sexualized

1.1.1. breast feeding

1.1.2. clothes

1.1.3. eating

1.2. slut shaming

1.3. sexist jokes

1.4. body shaming

1.4.1. too skinny

1.4.2. too fat

1.4.3. too small breats

1.4.4. too small butt

1.5. age

1.5.1. too old

1.5.2. look older than age look younger than age

2. Jobs

2.1. 78 cents to a mans $1

2.2. almost no political jobs

3. School

3.1. teacher sexism

3.1.1. praising boys taking them seriously better grading

3.1.2. treating girls like they're idiots correcting everything they say harsh tones

3.1.3. unfair treatment sending girls for silly dresscode reasons body shaming not letting them go to bathroom for personal reasons taboo about periods making them feel bad about body functioins "disgusting"

3.1.4. gym boys favored why do they think boys are better at sports? girls not taken seriously girls shadowed by boys limits to clothes change

3.2. bullying

3.2.1. catcalling

3.2.2. apppearance

3.2.3. sexual status

3.2.4. menstration

3.3. sexualization of young girls

3.3.1. elementary school sexualization of not even developed "woman" features

3.4. Dress code

3.4.1. no bra straps shown

3.4.2. no shorts or skirts

3.4.3. fully covering tops

3.4.4. too tight clothes too large breasts

4. sports

4.1. Taken less seriously

4.1.1. paid a ton less

4.2. sexualized

4.3. no professional womens sports teams

4.3.1. No school football teams once a year powderpuff not fun no tackling no actual tournament

4.4. no media representation

5. labels

5.1. bossy

5.2. emotional

5.2.1. periods sexist taboo against it

5.2.2. "hormones"

6. workplace

6.1. "bossy"

6.2. taken less serious

6.3. less management opportunities