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ADHD by Mind Map: ADHD

1. side effects

1.1. Cant focus

1.2. Any other side effects?

1.3. can you take classes to learn to deal with the side effects

2. what is it

2.1. is it contagious

2.2. can you treat this

3. who found it

3.1. did he have this problem

3.2. did someone he or she know have this problem

4. when was it found

4.1. year have any relation?

5. what is it like to live with it

5.1. cant focus in school

5.2. get off topic a lot

6. can you correct it with parenting

6.1. should they be stricted on them

7. is it mistaken for personalities

7.1. can quiet people have it

7.2. can people that get really excited have it

8. can it be cured

8.1. can you cure it without medicine?

8.2. can you cure it with medicine?

9. Comparison of ADD

9.1. What is it

9.1.1. side effects of it? can you treat the side effects

9.2. found when

9.2.1. does the year have any relation to this

9.3. can you cure it

9.3.1. can you take meds for it do meds cause problems for this

9.4. what is life like with it

9.4.1. what meds are necessary how many times do you go to the hospital every year for this

9.5. who found it

9.5.1. did he have this did someone he know have this

9.6. can it be mistaken for something else

9.6.1. can someone quiet have this? can someone hyper have this

10. what are the side effects of meds

10.1. what medicines do you take for it