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Gun control by Mind Map: Gun control

1. how to get a gun

1.1. must be of age

1.2. must have no criminal record

1.3. have to pass a gun safety class

2. people who shouldn't get a gun

2.1. people who can't pass gun saftey

2.2. people with disabilities that cant handle guns

2.3. felons

3. how guns should be allowed

3.1. only semi automatic weapons

3.2. age limit of 18 or 21 to buy a weapon

3.2.1. no irresponsible people with weapons

3.3. open carry only allowed with pistols

4. how they are for protection

4.1. robbers or felons will still be able to get guns

4.1.1. if we don't have them they will and we'll be defense less

4.2. will robberies increase

4.2.1. robbers see it as an advantage they wont have to worry about home owners defending themselfs

5. what will change if there is gun control?

5.1. will crime rate increase

5.2. what will happen to hunting

5.2.1. will there be overpopulation of animals

5.3. how will it effect the food chain balance

5.3.1. will there be to many deer, bird game, big game will predators increase can that increase the amount of animal attacks