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disney by Mind Map: disney

1. epcot

1.1. countries

1.1.1. how many people work there

1.1.2. are people only allowed to hired if they are from that country

2. hidden secrets

2.1. hidden mickeys

2.2. things many people miss out on

2.3. how many people don't get the full disney experience

2.4. magic hours

3. food

3.1. dinning plan

3.2. how much food is served a day in disney

3.3. what is the process

3.4. how much money do they get a day

4. should you make reservations

4.1. how long before should you start planning

4.1.1. what should you plan for where you are staying where you go each day activities food

5. Does it matter if you don't have an idea and you wnat to do everything

6. Is there any perks to staying inside the park?

6.1. magic hours

6.1.1. stay longer than closing hours

6.2. closer to everything

7. Finances

7.1. How much is disney world making a day?

7.1.1. where does most of it come from Food? Park amission? Hotel?s gift store

7.2. where does it go

7.2.1. workers how many dpositions are there how long do they work a day how much do they get paid how can you get a job do you need ant prior education

7.2.2. food how much food is prepared a day  in disney how much food is wasted how much food is sold

7.2.3. repair matinence

8. Tourist

8.1. how many people come a  day

8.2. what is the busiest season

8.3. what park do they go to the most

8.4. most stayed at hotel