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Free People / Urban Outfitters by Mind Map: Free People / Urban Outfitters

1. Key Stakeholders

1.1. Social / Media

1.1.1. Social Media team seems to consist of Specialists, who are primarily content creators and stylists (seem to be more on a fashion career + opportunity)

1.1.2. Christina Hutson, Social Media; [email protected]

1.2. Digital / Marketing

1.2.1. Jack Reynolds Managing Director eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Free People; [email protected]

1.2.2. Lisa Wexler Sr. Manager, Internet Marketing; [email protected] Bryan was previously pointed to Sr. Manager, Brand Marketing; she is gone but had no interest; seem to be marketing focused with little to no understand of social CS

1.2.3. Krissy Meehan - Mashinsky Global Vice President at free people; [email protected]

1.2.4. Haley Fiebach Marketing Manager at Free People; [email protected]

1.3. Customer / Experience

1.3.1. Andrew Rauch Sr. Director, Global CRM & Customer Analytics at Urban Outfitters; [email protected]

1.4. Contact Center

1.4.1. gives Free People as Director of CS

1.4.2. Mary Redding Senior Wholesale Customer Service Coordinator at Free People; [email protected] doesn't seem to likely, but only customer service contact otherwise

1.4.3. Sarah Litteral Wholesale Customer Service/Operations Manager; [email protected]; doesn't seem to likely, but only customer service contact otherwise

1.5. IT / Misc.

1.6. C - Level

1.6.1. David Hayne COO at Free People; [email protected]

1.7. Mobile

1.7.1. Shawn Hebb Product Manager, Mobile and Engagement; [email protected]; "Manager of mobile and engagement team responsible for the roadmap, design, and implementation of Free People's iOS app"

2. Social Stack

2.1. Free People

2.1.1. Hootsuite

2.2. Urban Outfitters

2.2.1. Sprout Social

3. Social Care Overview: Twitter

3.1. @FreePeople

3.1.1. Primarily a marketing channel; few CS took days to answer

3.1.2. Primarily engagement by customers; didn't look to have a ton of CS volumes

3.1.3. Hootsuite

3.2. @UrbanOutfitters

3.2.1. very active on CS; take order # on DM

3.2.2. Sprout Social

3.2.3. A few instances for click to DM;

4. Types of complaints

4.1. standard to retail; delivery, clothes / product issues, returns

4.2. questions about stock / a particular item

5. in the news

5.1. vamping up omni-channel strategy with strong direct-to-consumer performance