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Hate by Mind Map: Hate

1. Why do we hate?

1.1. if someone makes you mad.

1.1.1. If your friend ditches you in the middle of no where, that can cause hate. which by the way is actually a good reason to be mad also you should probably get rid of that friend.

1.1.2. if someone tells on you. which depending on your age will have different effects.

1.1.3. if you cant have you way. also depends on your age or how mature you are.

1.2. if something or someone annoys you.

1.2.1. for example: friends, exes, dogs, cats, video games, drawing, driving

1.2.2. or if you want to go into a deep detail about hatred you could also say living for something that annoys you. which if you feel like this you need to talk to someone why? you should take up a hobby.

2. what are the effects of this feeling?

2.1. could cause you to not be friends with that person

2.2. could cause depression

2.2.1. which by the way can cause self harm.

2.2.2. can cause you to go insane and hurt others.

2.3. could cause you not to trust anyone.

2.3.1. unless what they did isn't about trust.

3. How does this change?

3.1. Forgetting the past and looking at the future.

3.2. forgiving the person or thing that made you mad.

3.2.1. alos a big step for getting rid of depression.

3.2.2. can actually cause you to love something more the you ever hated it.

4. how do you decide to fell this way towards someone?

4.1. it can make you not want to talk to them.

4.1.1. which in my opinion is just childish

4.1.2. you just need to turn away from the past

4.2. it could make you want to hurt someone

4.2.1. dont ever tell anyone that your going to hurt someone it could cause more problems then you wan

4.2.2. talk to someone that you trust.

4.3. it could make you ignore certain people

4.3.1. which is not very nice of you

4.3.2. you should just talk to the person because that person might not know what they did wrong.

5. think about it, how do you feel about it?

5.1. i don't hate anyone because in my religion hating is just like murdering in gods eyes. so i might have a problem with someone but i will always help them in there time of need