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Barnes and Noble by Mind Map: Barnes and Noble

1. Key Stakeholders

1.1. Social / Media

1.1.1. Alex Garcia Community Manager/Supervisor - Social Media at Barnes & Noble; [email protected]

1.2. Digital / Marketing

1.2.1. Rooshina Modi Director, Digital Marketing at Barnes & Noble, Inc.; [email protected]

1.2.2. Kacey Sharrett, VP, Digital Operations Barnes & Noble, Inc.; [email protected]

1.3. Customer / Experience

1.3.1. Matt Blonder Vice President, Digital Experience at Barnes & Noble, Inc.; [email protected]

1.4. Contact Center

1.4.1. Terrill Hiel Senior Manager, Customer Service Solutions at Barnes & Noble; [email protected]

1.4.2. Melanie Doty Vice President, Customer Care Retail at Barnes & Noble; [email protected]

1.4.3. Located in Lyndhurst, NJ

1.5. IT / Misc.

1.6. C - Level

1.6.1. Fred Argir Chief Digital Officer Barnes & Noble, Inc.; [email protected]

1.6.2. Bill Wood Chief Information Officer at Barnes & Noble, Inc.; [email protected]

2. Social Stack

2.1. Sprinklr; @BNBuzz; @BN_Care

3. Strategy

3.1. Start Top-down with Digital Contacts

4. Contact Center

4.1. Lyndhurst, NJ