Spider's Life

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Spider's Life by Mind Map: Spider's Life

1. how they are born

1.1. are they born in an egg or nest?

2. habitat

2.1. where do most spiders live?

3. food

3.1. what food do they eat mainly?

4. poisonous/non poisonous

4.1. are most spiders poisonous?

4.2. how do they poison their prey?

4.3. how can you tell if a spider is poisonous?

5. emotions

5.1. do they experience emotions?

5.1.1. happy, sad, angry ect.

5.1.2. love, hatred

6. different types of spiders

6.1. why are there house spiders?

7. prey

7.1. what kind of bugs do they eat?

7.2. how do they eat them?

8. webs

8.1. how do they make their webs?

8.2. can both male and female spiders build webs?