Kids doing without

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Kids doing without by Mind Map: Kids doing without

1. Poor homes

1.1. kids in poverty aren't aloud the same opportunities as the weathy

1.1.1. can growing up in a poorer environment have an effect on the mental state of some children?

1.1.2. compared to the growing up wealthy what is the average amount of children who are successful in the future?

1.2. lack of food

1.2.1. how does this effect the child's health? how many kids each year die over lack of food or supplies that are needed for survival/ are the children getting enough nutrition?

1.2.2. what are some charities that one can donate to to help get children out of bad homes

2. lack of education

2.1. what can we do to help bring education to all?

2.1.1. WHat charities are out there?

2.1.2. can we build schools?

2.2. Lack of education religion wise

2.2.1. are there any church programs for children in poverty?

2.2.2. charities?

2.2.3. Can we send missionaries to schools in rural areas to bring religion to children?

2.3. education in other countries

2.3.1. can we bring teachers to other countries to help teach

2.3.2. many kids dont have the oppertunity How can we fix this?

3. parents

3.1. what can we do to help the parents?

3.2. What part of children doing without is to blame on the parents

3.2.1. do many children resent their parents because of what theyve sacurficed

3.3. how much trouble can parents get in for neglecting their children?

3.3.1. Loosing custody? will taking the kids away and putting them into the foster system actually helping the child? WHat kind of effects can doing this have on the children mentally? Are the children better off?

3.3.2. are there any alternative ways to get the parents to do better?

3.4. is it their fault?

3.4.1. do you think children blame what is going on on the parents?

3.4.2. what can parents do to help fix the situation?