College Athlete vs. Professional Athlete Salaries

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College Athlete vs. Professional Athlete Salaries by Mind Map: College Athlete vs. Professional Athlete Salaries

1. Pro Player Salaries

1.1. All Star player salary

1.2. Average Player salaries

1.3. Bench Player Salaries

2. College Student Scholarships

2.1. Full scholarships

2.2. Scholarship funding

2.3. School education

2.4. Losing scholarships

3. Pros

3.1. More draftees will stay at college longer

3.2. Poor student athletes can have a source of income

3.3. Poor student athlete families can come to more games and watch their kids play

3.4. Less corruption on student athletes that are getting signed to a school

4. Cons

4.1. Effect the decision on college choices

4.2. Would be unequal for all colleges

4.3. Would cut from the arena, sponsors, television and media profits/sells

5. Sponsorships

5.1. Small sponsorships

5.1.1. College deals

5.1.2. College sponsors

5.1.3. One time deals

5.2. Big sponsorships

5.2.1. Long-term deals

5.2.2. Big name sponsors

5.2.3. Pro player deals

5.3. Team sponsorships

5.3.1. College

5.3.2. Pro

6. Televison / Media Profits

6.1. Television Sponsorships

6.2. Broadcasting services

6.3. Viewing Profits

7. Coach Salaries

7.1. College coach salaries

7.1.1. Kentucky basketball and coach Cal

7.1.2. Duke with coach K

7.1.3. Louisville coach Patino

7.2. Coach trading deals

7.3. Pro coach salaries

8. Arena Profits

8.1. Seating sells

8.2. Arena Merchandise sells for NBA

8.3. Arena Merchandise sells for colleges

9. Big vs. Small Colleges

9.1. Salaries for big known colleges

9.2. Salaries or no salary for small colleges

9.3. Do you keep it equal?

10. Popular Sports that this problem occurs with the most

10.1. Football

10.2. Baseball

10.3. Soccer

10.4. Basketball

11. Illegal funding to college students