Should hunting deer be illegal?

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Should hunting deer be illegal? by Mind Map: Should hunting deer be illegal?

1. Should it be illegal?

1.1. Yes?

1.1.1. Why should it be illegal? It should be illegal because there are to many getting killed There are thousands killed each year

1.2. No?

1.2.1. Should it still be legal? Yes, it should always be legal. That's because people hunt for food and also as a trophy sport. Why?

2. How many deer are killed in the United States per year?

2.1. Alot?

2.1.1. Do you think there's alot killed per year? Yes abunch

2.2. Not alot?

2.2.1. Do you think there's not many killed per year? No there is alot of deer killed each year

3. Top states for deer hunting

3.1. Kentucky

3.1.1. Why Kentucky? Kentucky has always grown trophy bucks

3.2. Illinois

3.2.1. Why Illinois? Good doe to buck ratio

3.3. Texas

3.3.1. Why Texas? There is alot of land for them

3.4. Kansas

3.4.1. Why Kansas? Kansas has alot of land that dosen't get hunted alot so deer get huge there

3.5. Missouri

3.5.1. Why Missouri? Missouri has a high population of big bucks

4. Should baiting deer be legal or illegal? (Food Plots)

4.1. Legal?

4.1.1. Should it be legal? It should be legal to bait deer or have food plots. Why?

4.2. Illegal?

4.2.1. Should it be illegal? It should be illegal because its almost like cheating How?