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Stress by Mind Map: Stress

1. Health problems.

1.1. Can stress cause in medical problems?

1.2. Can it lower the life span of a person's life?

2. Can it age you faster?

2.1. Does stress actually make your body age faster (mentally and physical)

2.2. Is that just a controversy.

2.2.1. Included

2.2.2. Included

2.2.3. Excluded

3. Does it affect your energy?

3.1. Will it change the amount of energy someone has?

4. Your coping skills

4.1. How does one cope with stress?

4.2. Does your mind or body shut down when this happens.

5. Hair color

5.1. Can stress change the color of your hair as in normal to grey.

6. Avoidability

6.1. Is stress avoidable.

6.1.1. Dependencies

6.1.2. Milestones

6.2. Can stress never occur in a persons life?

6.2.1. KPI's