Teens doing drugs

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Teens doing drugs by Mind Map: Teens doing drugs

1. Peer Pressure

1.1. How do you say no if one of your friends offer?

1.1.1. If your friend gets angry at you for saying no, then they weren't actually your friend to begin with Leave them with their bad decisions

1.2. Does it make you "not cool" to turn it down?

1.2.1. If you feel bad about it at first you will feel better about it down the road. You even lose the risk of death

1.3. Why would people offer you harmful substances?

1.3.1. If it is your friend, they probably don't know or aren't thinking about how harmful they are or they wouldn't be doing it themselves. Try to help your friend out by trying to get them to quit

2. Health Risks

2.1. Why would people do drugs if it is harmful to you?

2.2. What are some of the risks?

2.2.1. Memory loss

2.2.2. Violent Behaivor

2.2.3. Paranoia/ hallucinations

2.3. Do all drugs bring a negative effect on your health?

3. Types of Drugs

3.1. Meth

3.1.1. Also becoming a problem lowkey

3.2. Marajuana

3.2.1. This one is the most common in our school.

3.3. Cocaine

3.3.1. Really dangerous

3.4. Xanax "Bars"

3.4.1. Becoming more and more popular by the day.

4. Taking over our generation

4.1. Have all teens participated in drugs at least once?

4.1.1. Not every single teen has, but a majority of them do in High School

4.2. How to prevent your friends or children from doing drugs

4.2.1. Let them be aware of the dangers and why they shouldn't do them

4.2.2. If you have any suspicions you should drug test them immediately

5. Deaths

5.1. Can you really die from doing drugs?

5.2. Are all drugs deathly?

5.2.1. Some science proves that Marijuana can have positive health benefits. Can control seizures Help combat stress and anxiety

6. Dangers

6.1. Death

6.1.1. Do you really want to die from drugs at a young age? 105 people average die everyday from drug overdose

6.2. Addiction

6.2.1. Do you really want something to have more control over you than you have over it?

6.3. Jail

6.3.1. You can get locked up for just having drugs in your possession. If you get caught with a small amount you can get charged with having it in your possession If you get caught with a large amount you can get charged with attempt to distribute