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Second amendment by Mind Map: Second amendment

1. the right to bear arms

2. the right to defend themselves

3. why should guns be strict from people?

4. why most countries won't let people bear arms?

5. why did the founding fathers include the right to bear arm?

6. why some liberals don't want guns to protect them?

6.1. they feel like if we ban guns the mass shooting will go away

6.1.1. true what if the govnt starts to act against the people they cant defend themselves

6.1.2. they want to be just like europe and other countries

7. why most republicans want to have a gun?

7.1. because of the 2nd amendment

7.1.1. can defend against tyranny govnt

8. March  4,1789

9. why dont we let the govnt protect us?

9.1. the govnt can't be trusted with peoples lives

10. why not protect ourselves?

11. is it the police job to protect us?

11.1. no its not their job to protect us

11.1.1. what people do then, if they are not protected by the police. people have the right to bear arms to protect themselves from bad people

12. whats the limit carrying a gun

13. Can people have larger than semiatomatic weapons

14. why there are so many death in america?

15. is gun violence epidemic in America?

15.1. yes

15.2. no

16. is gun violence spreading?

17. the constitution

17.1. grants the 2nd amendment

17.1.1. right to bear arms

18. is gun violence out of control?

19. the media plays a big role in peoples' lives and the more the media talks about gun violence the  more people feel unsafe

20. is banning guns going to solve the gun shooting problem

21. How can we solve the gun problem without protecting the law abiding citizens?

22. what if North Korean's had a gun

22.1. Would they defend themselves

22.1.1. most likely "yes" to protect themselves from the evil leader who have no interest in his people

23. America's Secret weapon