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Tesco by Mind Map: Tesco

1. ASIA 1990s

1.1. 30% of the profits

2. Thailand 1998

3. South Korea 1999

3.1. Partnering with Samsung

4. Seoul

4.1. 2011 First Virtual store

5. Virtual Stores

5.1. Same day delivery

5.2. Scan Qr codes

5.3. Very succesful more than 900,000 dowloads

5.4. No 1 online retailer

6. Understanding the consumer

6.1. Connectivity

6.1.1. One in five South koreans have smartphones. Thiis means lots of consumers.

6.2. Busy Lifestyle

6.2.1. Korea comes on top of the country with more working a hours. No time for buying things.

6.3. Travel time

6.3.1. South korean spend too much time using public transportation, this allow them to us the waiting time to buy groceries