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GOAT by Mind Map: GOAT

1. Career point Avg.

2. Awards

2.1. Holds more "Most Valued Player" awards throughout their career

2.2. Holds more offense player related awards

2.3. Holds more defense player related awards

3. Championships

3.1. Who performed the best throughout the championships they've been in

3.2. Who has contributed the most to their team (were they team players or not)

3.3. Who has been to more championships in their career

4. stats

4.1. Improvement through Hs to Nba

4.2. High school + College

4.3. Blocks and Steals per games

4.4. Team contribution stats such as assist & Fg.

4.5. Points Per Games

5. records

5.1. Overall holds the most records

5.2. Who set the bar (Which player is looked up to or wish to play like byh other players)

6. How was their Scoring during Finals

7. Fan total

8. TIme played

9. Teams played against

10. The teams they played for

11. Things to consider