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Nursing by Mind Map: Nursing

1. different types of nurses

1.1. how many degrees can you get in nursing?

1.2. how many people are nurses?

1.2.1. how many people are in each field of nursing?

2. why we need nurses

2.1. why are nurses so important?

2.2. Do nurses make a difference in the medical field?

2.3. Do nurses have the same amount of knowledge as doctors but just don't have the right to use it?

3. salary(rn)

3.1. do some types of nurses make more than other types of nurses?

3.2. how is salary determined?

3.3. does how many hours you work influence the amount of money you earn?

3.3.1. if so how much more?

4. Patient to staff ratios

4.1. are there more patients than nurses on staff?

4.2. do nurses do worse when they have more patients ?

4.3. are there ways to even out the ratio?

5. Should nurses get paid more based on how many hours they work?

5.1. how much is overtime(typically)?

5.2. what are the negative/positve effects of working longer shifts?

5.2.1. Negative Fatigue? could fatigue lead to more problems ? health problems? long term? short term? more tired?

5.2.2. positive more family time? more days off? work less?

5.3. benefits of working 12 hour vs 8 hour shifts

6. health benefits

6.1. health insurance?

6.1.1. if so how much does it cover

6.1.2. how many people does it cover?

6.2. dental insurance?

6.3. life insurance?

7. doctors office vs hospital

7.1. whats the difference?

7.2. do hospitals pay more than doctors offices?(vice versus)

7.3. Which one has more work load?