Sombra ARG

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Sombra ARG by Mind Map: Sombra ARG

1. 1st clue (Solved)

1.1. Found in Ana Origin video at 1:16

1.2. Hex found:

1.3. Second frame was found at 2:11

1.4. Was deciphered by XOR'ing the value with 23, the supposed hero number for sombra

1.5. Led to the qoute "She who has the information, has the power..."

2. 2nd clue (Solved)

2.1. Found at the end of a dev update video

2.2. Original frame found:

2.3. Was converted into binary and from binary into a QR code

2.4. Recovered QR code

2.5. QR code reads: "¿Estuvo eso facilito? Ahora que tengo su atención, déjenme se las pongo más difícil." which is "Was that easy? Well, now that I have your attention, allow me to make things much more difficult."

3. 3a clue (Unsolved)

3.1. Found in Summer Games video as Tracer jumps a hurdle

3.2. Picture of the code:

3.3. This was split roughly to the following: U2FsdGVkX1+vupppZksvRf5pq5g5XjFRIipRkwB0K1Y96Qsv2L m+31cmzaAILwytX/z66ZVWEQM/ccf1g+9m5Ubu1+sit+A9cenD xxqkIaxbm4cMeh2oKhqIHhdaBKOi6XX2XDWpa6+P5o9MQw==

3.4. This was decoded from Base64 into a OpenSSL encrypted string. The string remains unsolved, but passwords can be attempted at

3.5. Some people suspect that this step was bypassed by Blizzard as we were unable to solve it, but this remains unconfirmed

4. 3b clue (Semi-solved)

4.1. Also found in the Summer Games video was a series of directions. These directions were superimposed only on the video released by the PlayOverwatch channel and are not present ingame either.

4.2. The directions corresponds to the 8 cardinal directions of a compass, with D.Va being C for center.

4.3. Combined they look the following:

4.4. These directions were initially suspected to be used for the 3a clue but nothing has come of that so far.

5. 4th clue (Solved)

5.1. After being stuck on the Tracer code for some time Blizzard released a new hint by discreetly adding a new picture to the galleries section of the PlayOverwatch site.

5.2. The datamoshed image:

5.3. By comparing it the original image from the site, the following message was found in the difference between the images: "Por que estan mirando al cielo? La respuesta no esta sobre sus cabezas, esta detras de ustedes. A veces, necesitan analizar sus logros previos."

5.4. The text was translated to "Why are you looking at the sky? The answer isn't over your heads, it's behind you. Sometimes, you need to analyze your previous achievements.", which was a hint to a previous red herring called the Skycode.

6. 5th clue (Solved)

6.1. The clue led to analyzing the achievements section on the site. This revealed a new "?" achievement, which had a comment attached to it in the source code.

6.2. The site with source code:

6.3. The comment read: "Vientos, nada mal. No obstante, me aburro. Intentemos algo nuevo en la misma dirección. uczihriwgsxorxwunaarawryqhbrsfmeqrjjmu 5552E494 78T3 4VM9 OPL6 IS8208O913KRlrx"

6.4. Which translated is: "Damn, not bad. However, I'm getting bored. Let's try something new in the same direction. uczihriwgsxorxwunaarawryqhbrsfmeqrjjmu 5552E494 78T3 4VM9 OPL6 IS8208O913KRlrx"

7. 6th clue (Solved)

7.1. The code at the end of the translation in the 5th clue was run through a Vigenére Cipher. For the password the character names were taken in the order they were included in the compass.

7.2. Passphrase used: tracertorbjornwinstonsymmetradvamercybastiongenjimccree

7.3. The result is the following: blzgdapiproaakamaihdnetmediascreenshot 5552E494 78B3 4CE9 ACF6 EF8208F913CFjpg

7.4. Which translates to the following URL:

7.5. That URL leads to a datamoshed image of Volskyrya Industries

8. 7th clue (Solved)

8.1. By taking the datamoshed image from clue 6, an ascii skull was obtained, togherter with the phrase "Parece que te gustan estos jueguitos... por que no jugamos uno de verdad?", which translated means "It seems you like these little games... Why don't we play a real one?"

8.2. This extraction was done by a python script

8.3. The skull:

8.4. The skull had nothing to proceed on and it was presumed a dead-end until the next clue was released.

9. 8th clue (Solved)

9.1. At some point after the 7th clue, the user Majesty was tipped towards a thread on the Blizzard forums.


9.2.1. When decoded this results in a similiar ASCII skull:

9.3. This skull was then compared to the already existing one and the following string was found by finding the difference: OHVSURPHWLXQMXHJR...FUHRTXHXVWHGHVORVGHWHFWLYHVGHMXHJRVOROODPDULDQXQWUDLOKHDG?EOCJGDXVD-DPEDV-FDODYHUDV.KWPO

9.4. This was recognised as being shifted with a Caesar Cipher, with the key being 23. After shifting it back the following was the result: LESPROMETIUNJUEGO...CREOQUEUSTEDESLOSDETECTIVESDEJUEGOSLOLLAMARIANUNTRAILHEAD?BLZGDAUSA-AMBAS-CALAVERAS.HTML Which when spaces are added results in the following spanish sentence: Les prometi un juego...creo que ustedes los Detectives de Juegos lo llamarían un trailhead? BLZGDUSA-AMBAS-CALAVERAS.HTML

10. 9th clue (Solved)

10.1. By taking the data at the end of the 8th clue message and transforming it into a Blizzard media URL the following link was achieved:

10.2. This link leads to a medical record which was presumably obtained by Sombra. The record is a small MP4 that shows a moving heartbeat and, near the end, a small skull on the right.

10.3. A picture of the record:

10.3.1. The record is most likely from when Ana was hospitalized after being shot by Widowmaker

10.4. The heartbeat to the right with the small lines was decoded by taking each line to be a letter from the alphabet, which resulted in the string "momentincrime", a previous blizzard website.

11. 10th clue (Solved)

11.1. The tip to go to "A moment in crime" meant that the website was visited. On the website a new message was found: ...Estableciendo conexión... ...Protocolo Sombra v1.3 iniciado... ...Infiltrando la respuesta automática del email de pistas... ...Terminando conexión...

11.2. This lead to sending a mail to a previous email address used by Blizzard for A moment in the crime: [email protected]

11.3. The following mail was received back:

11.3.1. This was found to be encrypted using a Bifid cipher, which was deciphered as above:

11.3.2. The deciphered text looks like leetspeak, though there are some oddities in the "dialect" chosen for the leetspeak.

11.3.3. Some people suspect that this might actually be a further clue or a key for something.

12. 11a clue (Unsolved)

12.1. It was discovered that the forum post found in the 8th clue had a "posted x time ago" that was counting down instead of up. When that countdown reached 0 seconds ago, the post disappeared and the A moment in crime website changed into the following, with the percentage being at 2%:

12.2. In the sourcecode for this site, the following comment was found: Bien hecho, ya tienen mi clave. Hackear este programa de televisión no tuvo chiste. Espérense a lo que sigue. This was, roughly, translated into the following: Well done, you have my password. Hacking this television program was meaningless, wait for what is coming. This translation is discussed due to use of slang

12.3. So far nothing has come from the site, apart from the percentage increasing very, very slowly, currently halted at 5%

12.3.1. During the evening (european time), the site was updated again, with the percentage slowly progressing through some decimals of 5%. A new message was also added to the source code: Parece que se están calentando un poco las cosas... tendré que pasar desapercibida mientras esto se finaliza. Which translates to: It seems that things are are warming up a little... gotta go unnoticed while it completes. The percentage was increased by what seemed to be the very small amount at a time

12.3.2. Additional HTML was also added, though it seems of no significance: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> It does not have any effect on the website and only defines that the website is text based and is using UTF-8 encoding for text.

12.3.3. The percentage seems to be increasing in semi-regular intervals of 0.0038 or 0.0037, with 0.0038 being a lot more common. Some are trying to convert this to binary or morse

12.3.4. The increase had a short break, lasting for 5 hours, after which it jumped the amount it is estimated that it should have jumped in those 5 hours. No official reason was given.

13. 12th clue (Unsolved)

13.1. BEWARE - This clue is potentially unsolvable and not actually a clue - BEWARE

13.2. As part of the animation that displays the base64 string in clue 8, an image is flashed by the screen.

13.3. The image:

13.4. This image is presumably a response to an earlier tweet by Muselk, which featured a similar image created by the community, though there is some minor differences.

13.5. The new image is presumed datamoshed in some way, but neither of the images sent to Blizzard are used as the base, and as such it has been impossible so far to decipher it.

13.6. Stenography was attempted on the picture

13.7. The image was searched for the following embedded file types with no luck:  - MP3  - Zip, RAR, 7z  - PNG, JPG

14. Small arrows mean link

15. 11b clue (Potentially unsolved)

16. Message sent _to_ Blizzard

16.1. A datamoshed reaper image was sent to Blizzard. After some work LazyGamer obtained the original image after the mosh.

16.2. This image was moshed from this image:

16.3. When the difference is inspected the following spanish message (written by the community) is found by looking at different data in the new image: Bueno Sombra, jugemos un juegito y depaso nos das algo con que jugar