English 307: Business Writing Course Goals

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English 307: Business Writing Course Goals by Mind Map: English 307: Business Writing Course Goals

1. Rhetoric

1.1. Course Goal:"Critically use key rhetorical concepts through analyzing and composing business and professional texts/genres in a variety of cultural situations and global audiences"

1.2. My Goal: I would like to be able to effectively utilize rhetorical concepts as I am writing and applying to graduate programs across the country. Each program is unique and I would like to be able to tailor my writing to each circumstance and audience.

2. Process

2.1. Course Goal: "Critique and use flexible strategies for reading, drafting, reviewing, collaborating, revising, rewriting, rereading, and editing using a variety of technologies"

2.2. My Goal: Sharpen peer review and editing strategies and skills for scientific papers and medical journals.

3. Information Literacy and Mangagement

3.1. Course Goal: "Identify and manage, analyze, synthesize, and implement multiple streams of simultaneous information through various technological and document design processes"

3.2. My Goal: Learn to organize different streams of information concerning graduate program requirements and be able to organize them in one place, such as an Excel Sheet or Mind Map.

4. Multimodal

4.1. Course Goals: "Create, critique, analyze, and evaluate multimedia business and professional text"

4.2. My Goal: Expand skills and knowledge on creating and engaging with content.

5. Collaborative

5.1. Course Goals: "Develop intentional cross-cultural connections and relationships with others to participate in the collaborative and social aspects of business and professional writing, including giving and responding to productive feedback and working in teams"

5.2. My Goal: Expand my skills on engaging with diversity, while maintaining respect and professionalism across cultures. Learn how to work and communicate within a group to create the best content possible.

6. Reflect/Transfer

6.1. Course Goal: "Reflect on the development of composing practices and how those practices influence their work"

6.2. My Goal: Learn to write for various occasions and identify when to employ a certain composing style.

7. Ethics

7.1. Course Goals: "Classify and attend to the ethical responsibilities required by complex business and professional contexts, genres, and communication environments"

7.2. My Goal: Study honest business practices that can be applied to writing and in person communication.

8. Genre

8.1. Course Goals: "Explain why genre conventions for structure, paragraphing, tone, and mechanics vary, and extrapolate common formats and/or design features for different kinds of business and professional texts"

8.2. My Goal: Learn and distinguish when to use different methods of communication (email, text, letter, memo) for various occasions.