The Student's Portfolio in English Language Classroom

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The Student's Portfolio in English Language Classroom by Mind Map: The Student's Portfolio in English  Language Classroom

1. Portfolios Conclusion

1.1. Portfolios can enhance the assessment process by revealing a range of skills and understandings one students' parts; support instructional goals; reflect change and growth over a period of time; encourage student, teacher, and parent reflection; and provide for continuity in education from one year to the next.

2. How to Develop a Portfolio

2.1. -Growth and development in relationship to key curriculum expectancies and indicators. - Understanding and application of key processes. - Completeness, correctness, and appropriateness of products and processes presented in the portfolio. - Diversity of entries.

3. The Characteristics of Effective Portfolios

3.1. Reflect stated learner outcomes identified in the core or essential curriculum that students are expected to learn.

4. Purposes of Portfolios

4.1. - Encouraging self-directed learning. - Enlarging the view of what is learned. - Fostering learning about learning. - Demonstrating progress toward identified outcomes. - Creating an intersection for instruction and assessment. - Providing a way for students to value themselves as learners. - Offering opportunities for peer-supported growth.

5. Types of Portfolios

5.1. 1. The process portfolio which documents the stages of learning and provides a progressive record of student growth. 2. The product portfolio which demonstrates mastery of a learning task or a set of learning objectives and contains only the best work.

6. What is a Portfolio?

6.1. A portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student's efforts, progress, and achievements in one or more areas of the curriculum.

7. What is the most important aspect for using portfolios in language lessons?" Answer The most important aspect is to analyze the comprehension of the english course for the students and have organization during the course in which they develop their skills and analyze all the activities.