Next Level Group Mastermind Membership Behind the Scenes

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Next Level Group Mastermind Membership Behind the Scenes by Mind Map: Next Level Group Mastermind Membership Behind the Scenes

1. Overview

1.1. welcome!

1.2. Quick background

1.3. The "secret" to a profitable & scalable membershipsite

1.4. What we're going to cover

2. The ASK Retention Framework

2.1. Overview

2.1.1. What's an NPS Survey How likely are you to recommend [Product] to a friend or colleague? Scale: 1-10 Detractors (0-6) Passives (7-8) Promoters (9-10) Open ended question: "What is the most important reason for your score?"

2.1.2. Why you should use it Gauge Customer Happiness Simple feedback loop Why customers like/dislike your product

2.1.3. Example

2.2. Phase 1: Setup & launch survey

2.2.1. Frequency We send the survey on a quarterly basis You can automate it and send it on day 29

2.2.2. Tools First 250 surveys for free Other tools

2.2.3. Segmentation By product By price point

2.2.4. Send email benefit-driven keep it simple & short Send another email after 3 day

2.3. Phase 2: Follow up & Collect Data

2.3.1. Follow up (3 ways) Partial feedback Promoters Passives Detractors Short feedback Thank you for your feedback. Can you expand a little bit on what you mean by "X"? That way I can take your feedback and improve on the product for you. Complete feedback send email to setup an interview Focus on promoters (80% of interviews)

2.3.2. Setup interviews Use online calendar Use Skype/phone for interviews

2.3.3. Conducting interviews Duration: 10-15 minutes Record it (get permission) Have an outline Customer segments Problems they want to solve /we’re solving New Features Issues Case Studies/Testimonials Dig deep Let them speak Add notes immediately after the call

2.4. Phase 3: Analyzing Data

2.4.1. Download data & clean it up

2.4.2. Organize Spreadsheet Email Name Score Comment Benefit 1, 2, 3 Issue 1, 2, 3 Feature Request 1, 2,3

2.4.3. categorize responses (you can also create a pivot table)

2.4.4. Summarize results

2.5. Phase 4: Optimization

2.5.1. Brainstorm solutions Setup a meeting to discuss insights & brainstorm solutions send data before meeting Create spreadsheet & have each member add their ideas Score each idea ICE & priortize Impact Confidence Ease

2.5.2. Create & Launch Test Prioritize & select test Test screams, not whispers Tie it back to a metric - it has to be measurable Document Test Implement test

2.5.3. Document results There are no failures, only learning Be prepared to run a lot of tests before getting a big win it takes time, resources & patience

3. 5 Plug & Play Retention Strategies

3.1. No Post Left Behind

3.2. Welcome new members

3.3. Leaderboard

3.4. Best of The Best Content

3.5. Tracking Daily Churn