Lesson 2 overview

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Lesson 2 overview by Mind Map: Lesson 2 overview

1. Technology curriculum

1.1. Design and Technology: Knowledge and understanding Suitability and safe practice when using materials, tools and equipment for a range of purposes (ACTDEK013) Processes and Production Skills Select, and safely use, appropriate components with given equipment to make a solution.                   Create a sequence of steps to solve a given task Work collaboratively to safely plan and publish steps in a process Digital technologies: Work with others to create and communicate ideas and information safely (ACTDIP013) Digital systems and peripheral devices are used for different purposes (ACTDIK007)

1.1.1. Cross curriculum links: English: Interacting with others Listen to and contribute to conversations and discussions to share information and ideas and negotiate in collaborative situations (ACELY1676) General capabilities: Sustainability Critical and Creative thinking

2. Year level:

2.1. Year 4

2.1.1. Employee

3. Learning activities:

3.1. Teaching and Learning Strategies: Introduction: Brainstorm ideas that the students can use for their saving water designs (tippy taps, drip catcher, water cans, sprinkler system) Identify how students need to complete their planning sheet. Discuss the components and the questions on the planning sheet.

3.1.1. Body: Provide students with a planning sheet to start their design. Students can choose to complete their task on their laptops or the template provided. Provide students with a rubric to work off of. Monitor students’ progress and provide them with assistance where needed. Students will identify what materials they will need and write these down on their planning sheets. Students will bring in the materials for the next lesson. Conclusion:   Discuss some ideas the students have as a class. Remind students to bring in their materials for their design. Post any discussion questions on Google Classroom. Collect planning sheets from students. Pack up for the day. Learning and Teaching Adjustments Monitor students’ planning and working. Extension: Students can work through a STEM task on Code.org: Adjustments for students’ abilities: Work alongside students who need additional assistance.

4. Materials

4.1. Preparation and Resources: Whiteboard and markers Planning sheet (see appendix 1) Rubric (see appendix 2) Laptops Planning sheets Laptops

5. Theme:

5.1. Sustability

5.1.1. Students will identify changes that can be made to reduce water wastage around the school.

6. Focus Questions:

6.1. Can someone tell what we are doing for our project? Does anyone have any questions about what they will be doing? What materials will you need for your design? What are the steps your will take?