Firearms, Tool Marks & Other Impressions

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Firearms, Tool Marks & Other Impressions by Mind Map: Firearms, Tool Marks & Other Impressions

1. Firearms

1.1. Firearms Case Studies

1.1.1. The Beltway Snipers

1.1.2. Sacco & Vanzetti

1.2. Bullet & Cartridge Comparisons

1.2.1. The Gun Barrel Rifling Methods Comparing Bullet Markings Considerations in Bullet Comparisons Cross Section of a Loaded Shotgun Shell 3-D Shotgun Shell Illustrations Comparison Microscope

1.2.2. Cartridge Cases 3-D Revolver Cartiridge Illustrations 3-D Pistol Cartiridge Illustrations 3-D Rifle Cartridge Illustrations

1.2.3. Key Points

1.3. Automated Firearms Search Systems

1.3.1. Early Systems

1.3.2. Ballistic Fingerprinting

1.3.3. Key Points

1.4. Gunpowder Residue

1.4.1. Distance Determination Handguns & Rifles Shotguns

1.4.2. Powder Residue on Garments

1.4.3. Key Points

1.5. Primer Residue On the Hands

1.5.1. Detecting Primer Residues

1.5.2. Tests for Primer Residues Swabbing SEM Testing Other Tests Key Points

1.6. Serial Number Restoration

1.7. Collection & Preservation of Firearm Evidence

1.7.1. Firearms

1.7.2. Ammunition

1.7.3. Gunpwder Deposits

1.7.4. Key Points

2. Key Terms

3. Tool Marks

4. Learning Objectives

5. Review Questions