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Firearms, Tool Marks & Other Impressions by Mind Map: Firearms, Tool Marks & Other
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Firearms, Tool Marks & Other Impressions


Firearms Case Studies

The Beltway Snipers

Sacco & Vanzetti

Bullet & Cartridge Comparisons

The Gun Barrel, Rifling Methods, Comparing Bullet Markings, Considerations in Bullet Comparisons, Cross Section of a Loaded Shotgun Shell, 3-D Shotgun Shell Illustrations, Comparison Microscope

Cartridge Cases, 3-D Revolver Cartiridge Illustrations, 3-D Pistol Cartiridge Illustrations, 3-D Rifle Cartridge Illustrations

Key Points

Automated Firearms Search Systems

Early Systems

Ballistic Fingerprinting

Key Points

Gunpowder Residue

Distance Determination, Handguns & Rifles, Shotguns

Powder Residue on Garments

Key Points

Primer Residue On the Hands

Detecting Primer Residues

Tests for Primer Residues, Swabbing, SEM Testing, Other Tests, Key Points

Serial Number Restoration

Collection & Preservation of Firearm Evidence



Gunpwder Deposits

Key Points

Key Terms

Tool Marks

Learning Objectives

Objectives After studying this chapter you should be able to:   Describe techniques for rifling a barrel Recognize the class and individual characteristics of bullets and cartridge cases Understand the use of the comparison microscope to compare bullets and cartridge cases Explain the concept of the NIBIN database Explain the procedure for determining how far a weapon was fired from a target Identify the laboratory tests for determining whether an individual has fired a weapon Explain the forensic significance of class and individual characteristics to the comparison of toolmark, footwear, and tire impressions List some common field reagents used to enhance bloody footprints

Review Questions