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UX by Mind Map: UX

1. Methods

1.1. Design thinking

1.2. ideation

1.3. RWD

1.4. Mobile First

1.5. Love letter

1.6. WireFrame

1.7. User Jouney



2.1.1. Human computer interaction

2.1.2. devices Touch Web Mobile


2.2.1. Buisness model Canevas

2.2.2. Buisness Value KENO Priority

2.2.3. Lean KaiZen

2.2.4. Lean Startup LeanUX Learn Build Measure Agile SCRUM Kanban MVP Testing Gerilla Testing Eye Tracking Usability Testing Thinking out loud

2.2.5. Hyper Cycle

2.3. USER

2.3.1. Human Pysique Movement Fitt's Law Arms and hand Perception Gestalt Laws Hick's law 5 senses Emotion Colors Emotinal Design Intelligence Mental Model

2.3.2. People technology adoption lifecycle innovators,early adopters, early majority, late majority,laggards

2.3.3. Personae You are not the user The user is not everyone Value Creation Pain/Gain/Tasks

2.3.4. Motivation Attention econmy Gamification Immersive / experience Onboarding

2.3.5. User Journey


3. Examples

3.1. Resign

3.1.1. theme Health Enviroement Sales Civic

3.2. good

3.2.1. Entreprise Apple lego espresso Airbnb

3.3. bad

3.3.1. Remote control

3.3.2. Microsoft

3.3.3. MPM

4. Case Sutdy

4.1. Start with What you know

4.2. Use belivable content

4.3. one idea is not enought

5. Tools

5.1. Prototyping

5.1.1. Marvel

5.1.2. Sketch

5.1.3. Invision

5.1.4. Photoshop

5.2. Usability Testing

5.3. Monitoring

6. Introduction

6.1. Definition

6.1.1. UI/UX

6.1.2. Experience

6.1.3. UX is

6.1.4. UX is not

6.2. History

6.2.1. Before Computers

6.2.2. Computer Egononomy

6.2.3. GUI: Mac/Windows Usability

6.2.4. Iphone User Experience

6.3. References

6.3.1. People before 1900 Euclide Leonardo da Vinci 1950 Henry Dreyfuss Alphonse Chapanis 1980 Don Noman Bill Moggridge Jacob Nielsen Steve Krug 2000 Alan Cooper Luke Wroblewski Ethan Marcotte Jeff Gothelf Tony Fadell

6.3.2. Books About Faces The design of everyday things Designing Web Usability ergonomie Web Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things Responsive Web Design Mobile First Mobile Usability Don’t Make Me Think Rocket Surgery Made Easy Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience