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1. Global Food Security

1.1. Biodiversity

1.1.1. Vegetables 150/10.000 Vegetable species are used at this moment in our daily eat pattorn Reuse the forgotten vegetables

1.1.2. Meat Animal Husbrandry 7/12 of  earth surface is used for grazing and animal food production

1.2. Power of the food industry

1.2.1. Global food supply by 10 big corporations

2. Environment

2.1. Water Polution

2.2. Soil Polution

2.2.1. Overly harvasts

2.2.2. Harvasting only one type of vegetable/fruit etc.

2.3. Air Polution

2.3.1. Damage through transportation

2.3.2. Damage through animal waste

2.3.3. Damage through use of pestiside

2.4. Carbon dioxide emissions

2.4.1. Mass meat production

3. Waste

3.1. Productional Waste

3.1.1. Overproduction Balanced production/consumption Portion control Governmental restrictions for foodproduction

3.1.2. Unused parts Transform it into animalfood Experiment and develop new dishes

3.1.3. Harvast waste

3.2. Personal Waste

3.2.1. Overproduction Avoid impulse purchases Use the leftovers for another (different) meal Portion control Shopping list

3.2.2. lack of knowledge Policies implementation by the government Knowledge of experation dates Knowledge of the consequences of food waste

4. Culture

4.1. Cultural Identity

4.1.1. Cultural background Religious Beliefs The areas where families live Regional food products Food choices made by ancestors Different types of food preferences

4.2. Cultural Developments

4.2.1. Urbanisation Going out for dinner Start of the social function of food

4.2.2. Trade Economy Imported species of food and herbs People started to cook dishes from around the world

4.2.3. Critical Consumers Food needs to be healthy Regional products Process of making the ingredients needs to be sustainable

5. Trends and developments

5.1. Super Foods

5.1.1. Chia Seeds

5.1.2. Blueberries

5.1.3. Wheat grass

5.2. Diets

5.2.1. Vegetarian

5.2.2. Vegan

5.3. Self Farming

5.3.1. Urban Farming

5.3.2. Kitchen Garden

5.4. Food Awareness

5.4.1. Biological Food

5.4.2. Meatless days

5.4.3. Cooking more healthy dishes

5.4.4. Need for more information about where the food is coming from