What Skills Are Necessary for Student Success?

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What Skills Are Necessary for Student Success? by Mind Map: What Skills Are Necessary for Student Success?

1. Time Management

1.1. make a schedule and stick to it, balance social/fun and school activities, eliminate distractions, budget time for travel, break large tasks into manageable chunks

2. Study Skills

2.1. organized

2.1.1. highlighters, sticky notes

2.2. Different methods for studying. ex) flash cards, time of day to study, study guides, encourage different techniques, games, technology, planners, calendars (tools), encourage to become habit

3. Accessing Supports

3.1. you are not alone with struggles

3.2. teacher forming study groups

3.2.1. peer to peer mentoring

3.3. schools must let students know what is available

3.4. teacher makes using resources (ie - reading lab) mandatory

4. Motivation

4.1. letting students be creative in their learning

4.2. making the subject relateable

4.3. recognizing students for their achievements

4.3.1. positive reinforcement

4.4. showing students positive role models

4.5. forming study groups

4.5.1. show fun ways to study/learn

5. Self Control

5.1. prioritizing

5.2. offering more freedom

5.3. allowing for mistakes as a way to facilitate learning

5.4. practice makes perfect

5.5. decision making workshops.

6. Accountable

6.1. contracts

6.2. assignment checklist

6.3. define goals

6.3.1. connect to the students interests

6.4. maturity

6.5. make student aware of consequences/benefits

7. Studying

8. Testing

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