Relative clauses: Who, That, Which

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Relative clauses: Who, That, Which by Mind Map: Relative clauses: Who, That, Which

1. WHICH: That is more usual that wich but sometimes you must use wich (not that) Example

1.1. Which school is best?

1.2. Which book you recommended me?

1.3. Which country is your favorite?

2. WHO: We use WHO in a relative clause when we are talkin a bout people (not things). We use who instead of He/She/They. Example:

2.1. The girl who is playing guitar is my sister

2.2. I like boys who are intelligent.

2.3. Maria was who made those cookies

3. THAT: When we are talking about things we use that or which (not who) in a relative clause. Example:

3.1. Did you study in a university that was expensive?

3.2. My friend bought a cell phone that does not have Internet

3.3. My sister prefers pants that are comfortable